May 2015

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ANC 6C Minutes
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


A quorum of six out of six commissioners was present (Mr. Eckenwiler, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Miller, Mr. Price, Ms. Schiffman, and Ms. Wirt).

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved without objection. Motion: Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Approval of April Minutes

The minutes were approved without objection, with the caveat that commissioners have one week to report any corrections.  Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Price presented the treasurer’s report as follows.  The beginning balance was $50, 830.19.

Check # 1302 was written for a grant to J.O. Wilson PTA for venue to produce Jungle Book play, $2,980;  Check # 1300 was written for $1,330.00 for Don’s Johns port-a-potties for public sanitation for the Capitol Hill Cluster race.   There was a Bank of America interest payment of $0.42 and a DC allotment of $3,337.28.  The closing balance was $50,830.19.

The commissioners also voted unanimously to approve a new expense of $162 from D.C. Access for annual renewal of hosting service on the web for the ANC 6C web site.

The treasurer’s report included election of Christopher Miller, ANC 6C05 commissioner, to serve as the ANC 6C treasurer beginning with the July 8, 2015 meeting of the commission. Comm. Price was commended for his excellent service as treasurer, and his request to take leave from treasurer responsibilities to spend more time assisting his constituents. The motion was approved unanimously, 6:0:0.  Motion: Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Brief Community Announcements

  1. Casey Trees event—Mr. SurajSazawal announced an event on May 21, 2015, to hear Council Member Charles Allen address his vision for greening the city.  The event begins at 6:00 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 400 I Street S.W., with a complimentary dinner.  Citizens were invited to attend and participate.
  2. AARP—Ivan Lanier summarized a number of initiatives by AARP in the ANC 6C area:  volunteers are needed for in-home temporary assistance as caregivers when elderly leave the hospital to return home; the Power of Attorney Act needs action, as it has not been updated in 15 years, and in some cases family members are abusing the power of attorney; and agencies need to be held accountable for elder care aging-in-place housing.  Mr. Lanier gave his contact number as (202) 434-7715.
  3. D.C. Fire Marshall’s Office—Officer Burr stated his office is beginning to inspect occupancy load and fire requirements for bars, restaurants, and theaters in the area.  This is done annually.  He gave his contact number as (202) 276-6162.
  4. Commissioner announcements—Mr. Miller announced his representative for ANC 6C05 on the 6C Grants Committee:  Caroline Fleming.  Mr. Price stated that from his SMD perspective, children and safety are underserved.  He thinks a senior citizens group should be formed.  Capitol Hill Village, which assists seniors living in place, will address the ANC at the June meeting.  Mr. Goodman reported that a new retailer at 140 M Street NE, Carpe LibrumBookstore, will open this summer only, Mon-Fri 11-7 and Sat. 11:30 – 6.  They will be in a NoMa BID Stonebridge rent-free facility. The NoMa summer screen program will begin May 27, corner of First and L Streets NE, with movies beginning with “Dirty Dancing.”

Consent Calendar

  1. Liquor license renewals—Kogods, 441 New Jersey Ave NW; Union Wine and Liquor, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE; Coast In, 301 Florida Ave NE; Oasis Liquor, 1179 Third St. NE.
  2. New liquor license—Nando’sPeri Peri, 411 H St NE.
  3. Bus stop recommendation for route 96 in ANC6C03.

The commissioners voted unanimously to accept the consent agenda. Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Parks and Events Committee (Christine Healey, chair)

  1. There were no voting items from this committee for the month of May.
  2. The committee reported on miscellaneous projects addressed in May, including the NoMa Parks Foundation’s current plans for all park projects, with the M Street underpass art project, involving 4000 LED lights, being closest to completion; no authoritative answer from DDOT or DPR on what agency has jurisdiction over Reservation 84; the policies of local public schools on access to playgrounds in ANC 6C; and problems identified withANC6B  with the Rock n’ Roll Marathon, such as traffic problems and scarcity of bathrooms.  Comm. Price wants all Ward 6 ANCs to work together for a better result with the next Rock n’Roll Marathon.  Comm. Goodman wants NoMa Parks Foundation to address the range of issues identified by the ANC with respect to the M Street underpass.

Alcohol Beverage Regulation Committee (Drew Courtney, chair)

  1. Union Kitchen Grocery—Two licenses have been considered:  Class B for a grocery store and sale of beer and wine off site, including a tasting endorsement; and Class D for on-site beer and wine consumption and a sidewalk café endorsement.  Under neighborhood objections, voiced at several meetings, the applicant has withdrawn the Class D application because of complaints about possible noise and hours. The commissioners voted unanimously, 5:0:0 (with Comm. Goodman temporarily out of the room), to protest the class B license because of the applicant’s request to operate 24 hours a day on the basis of disturbance to the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood. The commissioners also voted to support a stipulated license that allows the applicant to sell beer and wine for off-site consumption before the ABRA hearing. A business owner testified that he was impressed by the way Union Kitchen operated another facility.  Motion:  Mr. Ekenwiler/Mr. Price.
  2. Capitol Wine and Spirits, 415 H St NE—The commissioners voted unanimously to protest the license renewal on the basis of disturbance to the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood.  Problems include failure of the applicant to appear at ANC6C meetings on this matter and need for adjustment of the settlement agreement with the community signed in 2009. Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/ Mr. Goodman.


Grants Committee (Victoria Lord, vice chair)

There were no voting items on the May agenda.  The committee is considering changes to the website language addressing the application process and the spend-down policy for grants.

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee (Comm. Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. 642 Lexington Place NE—The applicant proposes to renovate a rowhouse on a block with unusually consistent architecture due to the development of the entire square by a single company over a short period of time.  The proposed changes include a modest “bump-up” of the roof behind the street-facing mansard, This change will not be visible from the street,  Also proposed is a new porch entry, which does not support the pattern of original development on the block.  The commissioners voted unanimously, 6:0:0, to support the concept but not the porch.  The applicant was present and stated she would remove the porch from the application. Motion: Mr. Eckenwiler/ Mr. Price.
  2. 205 C Street NE—The applicant seeks to raze an existing garage and two-story “ell” at the rear of for the property and construct a lot-width three-story rear addition.  The commissioners voted unanimously, 6:0:0, on the following concerns: (1) The uncertain historic status of the existing two-story addition; (2) The comparative size of the proposed addition and the historic structure (and the potential subordination of the latter); (3) The prominence of the proposed addition as viewed from Second Street NE; and (4) The proposed use of hardi-plank as the material for the new rear façade and its visibility from Second Street NE.  The commissioners recommended further study of the proposed rear façade material and the scale of the addition relative to the historical structure.  Motion: Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Price
  3. 315 H Street NE, nonvoting informational item—This is an upcoming item, not yet on the Zoning Commission calendar.  The commissioners asked for consideration of a bike room with easy access, a “green” alley with porous materials, and a closet, 10 ftby 10 ft, to be donated to the community for storage of ANC 6C zoning documents.
  4. 320 Florida Ave. NE—Request for approval of  PUDand related zoning map amendment from the C-M-1 District to the C-3-C District. The applicant has agreed to rehabilitate as a pedestrian and landscaped area (and to maintain in the long-term).  The applicant has been coordinating with property owners to the north to ensure effective pedestrian access north of the site.  The applicant proposes to provide off-site affordable housing, ADA accessibility, urban farming herb gardens, and bike amenities. The commissioners voted to apply for party status in support of the application: 5:0:1(1 abstention) Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiker.  The vote included designation of Mr. Goodman as representative of ANC 6C, with Ryan McGuinness as alternate.
  5. Proposed zoning amendments, ZC 14-01, maximum height and minimum lot dimension, use permissions—The ANC voted to support the amendments to the regulations, including (1) reducing the matter of right height in R-4 from 40 feet to 35 feet, measured from grade; (2) allowing 40 feet height by special exception; (3) and eliminating the carve-out mezzanines from the definition of “story.”  Motion:  Mr.Eckenwiler/Mr. Price.

Transportation/Public Space Committee (Mr. Kazmierczak, chair)

DDOT Issues for Director Djormsjo—A number of issues were presented to the DDOT director.  Issues included RPP and resident only parking; Florida Avenue diet; miscellaneous parking issues; Md. Avenue redesign; H Street loading zones; 600 block of K Street NE; and miscellaneous concerns requiring point of contacts at DDOT.  The commissioners voted unanimously, 6:0:0, and chair Mark Kazmierczak has agreed to draft a follow-up letter to the director of DDOT outlining the ANC responses and our expectations for the DDOT director to reply.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Wirt

The meeting adjourned at 9:01pm.