October 2014

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ANC 6C Minutes
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.


A quorum of six out of six commissioners was present (Mr. Eckenwiler, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Kazmierczak, Mr. Price, Ms. Schiffman, and Ms. Wirt).

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Kazmierczak.

Consent Agenda

Ms. Wirt suggested the consent agenda include the September minutes, the Playable Arts project, Phillips Café application for a sidewalk café, 7th and Morton Streets request for crosswalks, and a repeat request for ANC 6C office storage space.  Mr. Goodman requested that Playable Arts and 7th and Morton Street crosswalk required discussion, so they were taken off the consent agenda.  The consent agenda was then approved without objection.  Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Price presented the treasurer’s report for September as follows:  The beginning balance was $45,466.59.  There were two Bank of America interest payments of $.36 (for August) and $.37 (for September), bringing the closing balance to $45,467.32.  A previously written check (# 1289, $162 for web hosting) had cleared, which brought the ANC account record in sync with the Bank of America record.  The treasurer’s report for September was accepted without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Kazmierczak.

Quarterly Report

The quarterly report covering months July, August, and September was approved without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Goodman.

2015 Annual Budget

Mr. Price presented the annual budget for 2015, which includes “not to exceed” budget commitments that do not require a vote:  the D.C. treasurer security fund, $50.00; Hill Rag ad, annual, $250.00; Hill Rag ad, monthly, $1,800; P.O. box rental, January through June, $220.00; P.O. box rental, July through December, $220.00; and web hosting, $200.00.  The annual budget for 2015 remains the same as the budget for 2014, except, at Mr. Goodman’s suggestion, the purchase of services is increased from $4,000 to $10,000; and the grants fund increases from $8,000 to $15,000.  The 2015 budget as revised was accepted without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Kazmierczak.

Approval of Minutes from July 22, 2014 Special Meeting

Mr. Eckenwiler presented the minutes from the special meeting to discuss expansion of the historic district.  Mr. Price suggested that the names of the individual speakers be removed.  The minutes were then accepted unanimously, 6:0:0.  The minutes will be revised as suggested and posted on the ANC 6C website. Motion: Mr. Goodman/Ms. Wirt.

Brief Community Announcements

The following announcements were made:  (1) Mr. Kris Hammond introduced himself as a candidate for D.C. Attorney General.  (2) Mr. Anwar Saleem summarized the H Street Festival as attended by about 125,000 people and the well-attended Art All Night event.  Mr. Eckenwiler pointed out the need for better pedestrian traffic flow at “choke points” where people gathered making it hard to walk, such as around Ben’s Chili Bowl at 10th and H Streets.  Also mentioned were the Art All Night music that went until 3 am and had to be shutdown by the MPD.  Mr. Saleem stated he was sensitive to resident complaints and responded accordingly.  He said H Street is looking into holding a National Night Out on New Year’s Eve. The commissioners asked to be kept informed of all events in advance. (3) Naomi Mitchell of Council Member Wells’ office announced a job fair on October 17 at Arena Stage, 10 am to 2 pm.  Questions can be referred to Ms. Mitchell at (202)-8072.

Commissioner announcements were as follows:  (1) Mr. Kazmierczak announced Driftwood Kitchen, located in the former Tru Orleans building, is scheduled to open next week.  (2) Mr. Goodman described the NoMa underpass art competition and voting that could occur on the Noma.org website.  He also mentioned that YogaNoMa just opened at First and M Streets NE.

ANC 6C Committee Nominations

The commissioners voted unanimously to seat Maxine Devilliers as an At Large member of the 6C Transportation/Public Space Committee.  Other candidates for this position were encouraged to consider vacancies on the Grants Committee and the Alcoholic Beverage License Committee.  Mr. Kazmierczak nominated Emily Diamond-Falk to serve on the same committee as the ANC 6C05 representative.

Parks and Events Committee (Caroline Crenshaw, citizen chair)

  1. The Playable Arts project was briefly summarized, with photos of the 1225 4thStreet NE site circulated.  Both the nearby elementary school and Planned Parenthood, prospective tenants of the building, approved the project. (Note:  This project was approved as part of the consent agenda.)
  2. Other nonvoting items discussed were as follows:  KippSchool campus update, 5th and I benches, and homeless people in Stanton Park.  Regarding homeless problems, residents were encouraged to call the Park Service at (202) 610-7500, with any homelessness problem in Stanton Park.

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Comm. Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. 118 3rdStreet NE, HPA 14-656, application to raze the garage, Hearing October 23.  The applicant did not appear at the committee meeting, and the committee members voted to oppose the raze due to the absence of the applicant.  After some discussion, during which the commissioners stated it was not appropriate to vote against an application simply because the applicant did not show up,  the commissioners voted unanimously to support the raze.  Photos of the garage showed little historical features worth saving.  The commissioners voted to support the raze without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Kazmierczak.
  2. 610 A Street NE, third story addition.  The committee members voted then withdrew a motion to oppose the addition as visible from the street.  The applicant agreed to revise the application and delay until November.  No vote was taken at the full Commission meeting.
  3. 320 Florida Avenue NE, potential plans for an upcoming PUD by Level 2 Development at the former Burger King location—Todd Christensen.  The project for a future mixed use development was described.  This is an information only, nonvoting item.
  4. 2ndand K Streets, ZC # 05-36I, PUD modification for property bounded by L, K, and 2nd Streets NE, hearing October 30, 2014—Chip Glasgow and Toll Brothers.  The modification sought are the following:  (1) relocate and consolidate loading facilities along 2nd Street; (2) increase the internal bicycle parking from 55 to 175 spaces; (3) reduce the number of car parking spaces from 329 to 243; (4) increase the number of units from 500 to 525; and reorient the courtyard entrance from 2ndStreet to K Street as well as alter the height (from 3 stories to 2) and width of the portal and passageway.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the modifications, contingent on signing of an MOU regarding denying RPP parking to building residents.  If the MOU is not signed by the hearing date, October 30, the record will be held open until the MOU signing occurs.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Kazmierczak.
  5. Stuart Hobson Middle School, after-hours construction.  Mr. Eckenwilerrecounted a chronology of attempts to rein in construction, which was occurring illegally at all hours and disturbing nearby residents.  Both DCRA and DGS had offered unsatisfactory explanations of why work was being done without valid permits, and the noise at times exceeded 60 decibels. The commissioners voted unanimously, 5:0:0 (Mr. Goodman had temporarily left the room), to request permits not be issued beyond the standard 7 am to 7 pm construction hours, and a letter to that effect sent to the Mayor, agency heads, and Council.  The motion included initiation of a FOIA request for documents addressing the illegal actions and prior authorization of up to $100.00 in FOIA fees if needed.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Price.  Mr. Price suggested inviting the Stuart Hobson PTA to support the ANC letter.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Kazmierczak.  Discussion indicated the PTA would likely not agree.  The motion failed:  2 (in favor): 0 (abstaining): 3 (opposed).

Transportation/Public Space Committee (Mr. Joe McCann, citizen chair)

  1. 440 1stStreet NE, Phillips Café application for a sidewalk café. (Note:  This application was approved as part of the consent agenda.)
  2. 300 block of N Street NE, potential parking and traffic changes. Mr. Goodman described the need to keep current signage.  If removed, there should be no new parking signs or meters added.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Kazmierczak. Mr. Goodman asked that no letter be sent to DDOT at this time, but the vote is on record should a letter be needed.  The vote was 5:0:0. (Mr. Goodman returned to the meeting; Ms. Schiffmanleft the room.)
  3. Stuart Hobson temporary parking signs.  Signs had been 8 am to 4 pm but DDOT changed them without notice to 7 am to 5 pm, with the reason being students and teachers must arrive by 8 am.  The motion is to install signage on 4thand 5th Streets 7:30 am to 4 pm on school days (not Mon-Fri) and that the signs be valid only until January 31, 2015, with any extensions requiring ANC approval.  Future conversations will be held regarding the athletic field and parking. It was noted that DCRA is required to give 30 days’  notice when changing parking signage. Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Price. The vote was 5 (in favor):0 (opposed):1 (abstension) (Ms. Schiffman returned to the room).
  4. 4thand H Streets NE, removal of commercial loading zone on west side of 4th immediately south of H Street.  DDOT usage statistics show the loading zone at this location underutilized.  The commissioners voted to return the space to residential parking. The motion passed unanimously, 6:0:0.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Wirt.
  5. Crosswalks at 7thand Morton Streets NE.  Mr. Goodman described the intersection as one where cars do not stop for pedestrians.  He moved to paint ladder-type crosswalks on both 7th and Morton Streets, add ADA compliant ramps and sidewalks, and remove any RPP parking spots so this could be accomplished in the interests of public safety.  The commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter to DDOT to this effect, 6:0:0.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.
  6. Curbside Management Study, a nonvoting, information only item.  Mr. McCann stated this DDOT study, completed in August 2014, has three goals:  preserve access to parking for residents, facilitate commerce, and ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.  Improvements needed were interagency data sharing, making information clear to the public, and no MPD involvement in visitor parking permits.  Short-term changes (in the next 12 months) were developing a parking pass system and VPP parking, and replacing automatic visitor permit mailing with an online request system.  Mid-term changes (1 to 2 years) were working with neighborhood shareholders, exploring zone boundaries to possibly adopt another system, and putting the required authority in place.  Long-term changes (2 years +) were to monitor and analyze the changes.  A policy guide will be developed, with public comment periods established.
  7. Mr. McCann announced he is stepping down as committee chair at the end of the year.

Community Announcement

It was announced that Specialty Hospital (aka Medlink Hospital) had been designated for sale as a result of bankruptcy court.  It will be in receivership for 90 days and then sold.

Old Business

A repeat request for DC to provide ANC 6C with office storage space was approved. (Note:  This was part of the consent agenda.)

Meeting Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.