April 2014

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ANC 6C Minutes
Wednesday, April 9, 3014
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

The meeting began at approximately 7:00 pm.

A quorum of 6 out of 6 commissioners was present.

The agenda was approved unanimously as amended. [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler]

The March 2014 minutes were approved unanimously with the caveat that any corrections could be submitted within one week of the meeting. [Motion:  Mr. Price/Ms. Wirt]

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Price presented the treasurer’s report for March.  The beginning balance was $49,868.58. There was one check written for a year’s worth of ads in the Hill Rag (Capitol Community News, Check # 1285 for $1,718.75), part of the ANC requirement to advertise its meetings to the public.  There was a $34.00 bank charge for new checks.  There was an interest payment of $0.42.  The closing balance was $48,116.25.  The treasurer’s report and the expenses within were approved unanimously. [Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Eckenwiler]. There was a new expense for bottles of water for the commissioners at this meeting, $9.84, which was approved unanimously. [Motion: Mr. Price/Ms. Wirt]

Community Announcements

  1. Mr. Goodman announced that the NoMa summer screen program  begins at the end of May on Wednesdays at 2nd and L Streets N.E. He also said the $50 million for pocket parks with NoMa as a recipient is still an item in the mayor’s final budget.  There is one RFP out for pocket parks.  The next step is a request for larger parks.
  2. Council Member Muriel Bowser, in attendance, confirmed that parks are still in the budget.  She is observing ANC meetings to learn the ANC issues.  She stated her door is always open.
  3. Mr. Price stated he is working with Jon Gendersonto get community information to Capitol Hill Village, which will then broadcast the information to participating organizations.  He asks for items of interest to senior citizens.
  4. Ms. Wirt announced property tax breaks for seniors who have lived in their homes for at least 20 years and meet certain age and income requirements.  The tax breaks will be in effect in the 2014 tax year.
  5. Mr. Eckenwiler stated that contra-flow bike lanes are now ready on G and I  Streetsnext week between Maryland Avenue and 15th Street. He also reported that work on the 4th Street Stuart Hobson arts building, which is in progress, is to have traffic calming (600 block of 4th Street).
  6. Charles Allen arrived to thank everyone for support in the April elections.

Committee Nominations for the ANC Grants Committee

Mr. Eckenwiler recommended Victoria Lord.  He also nominated Luis Stanley as an At-Large member.  The commissioners voted unanimously to accept the At-Large member. [Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Kazmierczak]  Ms. Wirt nominated Sam Cowinas an additional At-Large member.  The commissioners voted unanimously to accept this At-Large member. [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr.Eckenwiler]

Transportation/Public Space Committee (Joe McCann, chair)

  1. 700 A Street N.E., Church of God, HPO application #87194 to erect a 6’ x 3’ sign on A Street on public space, Alex Post and August Kruesi, representatives.  Following a brief presentation of the characteristics of the sign, three citizens spoke in opposition (Michele Rivard, Bobbi Krengel, and Janet Quigley, the last being the president of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society). Ms. Schiffman stated her constituents do not support the sign. They stated that the church had been a bad neighbor by failing to correct damage done to the historic glass windows on the property.  The applicant stated that paperwork regarding repair was in progress but work had not been done. After some discussion, the commissioners voted unanimously to oppose the application because the church had not been a good steward of the property, with reconsideration of the application an option after the church fully complies with the Historic Preservation Office order to repair the damage. [Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Eckenwiler]
  2. 1005 First Street N.E., Storey Park, former Greyhound Bus Terminal site, Public Space application #92636 for 9 vaults, bay windows, door projections, curb cuts and a lay-by.  It was pointed out during discussion that the proposed changes enhance truck flow and maximize retail space.  Loading and unloading occur underground.  The applicant is working on a truck management plan with DDOT.  The schedule calls for work to begin in June or July and end by fall 2016.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the application. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler]
  3. 600 block of K Street N.E., request to remove rush-hour parking restrictions on the south side.  A petition was presented with 88 percent of the residents on the block in favor of removal of the parking restriction to slow traffic and improve safety at W.O. Wilson School.  There are already bulb-outs on the north side of this block.  Bulboutsare recommended for the south side.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the request. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler]  A second motion called for removing rush-hour parking restrictions on the 700 block of K as well.  [Motion:  Mr. Kazmierczak/Mr. Eckenwiler]
  4. Sidewalk repair and replacement.  A list of addresses where sidewalk work is needed was presented based on ANC 6C commissioner recommendations.  The commissioners voted unanimously to send the list to DDOT for attention. [Motion: Mr. Price/Ms. Wirt]  The motion included a friendly amendment to install flexible  rubbermaterial, color coordinated, where practicable to protect the trees.
  5. Florida Avenue Study.   Mr. Goodman described the Florida Avenue DDOT study in detail.  He stated that the proposed changes  improvepedestrian and bike safety and enhance traffic flow.  About 80 community members attended.  His motion included support of the following DDOT options: (a)   Option 3A for Florida Avenue N.E., with a recommendation that an additional option be considered that moves the bike lanes/cycle track to between the sidewalk and amenity zone.  (b) Option 3 for 6th Street N.E., with the caveat that there will not be a “curbless lane” on this street.  (c) Option 2 for West Virginia Avenue N.E., and (d) Concept B for the Virtual Circle.  Mr. Goodman also read a list of 10 additional recommendations that were included in his motion to support. [Motion:   Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler] The motion passed 5:0:1, with one abstention (Mr. Kazmierczak).
  6. Traffic camera at 2ndand F Streets N.E.  Mr. Eckemwiler made a motion to send a follow-up letter to MPD to move the camera from 2nd and G to 2nd and F Streets N.E.  Ms. Motolotsky did not respond.  The motion passed unanimously. [Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Wirt]

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Comm. Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. 600 block of H Street N.E, nonvoting, informational item.  Construction will begin when the building is clear at the end of April.  Murrays will be gone at the end of June.  New retailers are expected by April 2016.  There is potential for a health club to be located there.  All is contingent on demolition starting on schedule.  The setback, originally to be 5’ is now 2’, which is to be discussed.
  2. DCRA permitting and inspection complaint.  ANC 6Csent a letter to Nicholas Magett, DCRA Director.  The PZE Committee will address the matter in the future.

Grants Committee (Sonte Ducote, chair)

The grant application submitted by J.O. Wilson for support of a school production at the Atlas Theater (“101 Dalmations”) May 21-22 was discussed.  The Community Foundation manages PTA funds.  The recipient of the funds is the PTA.  The ANC part of the grant would go toward rental and costumes, the latter of which would be kept by the school and loaned to students for the performance.  The commissioners voted, contingent on the D.C. Auditor approval, to fund $3,180, also contingent on more documentation, including a 501C3 form.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the grant with these contingencies. Their aim is to support more permanent community improvements going forward.  The grant is contingent on Mr. Price checking with the auditor regarding contingencies. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Ms. Schiffman]

Alcoholic Beverage Committee (Drew Courtney, chair)

Mr. Goodman reported that Ibiza at First and Patterson Streets has a protest hearing scheduled for April 30 but there are reasons to ask for a continuance based on three concerns:  (1) the Group of Ten protesters have hired new legal counsel.  (2) A show cause hearing, which pertains to this case, is scheduled for May 28.  (3) DCRA closed Ibiza today indefinitely because of lack of proper licensing .  Ibiza’s license has expired.  The commissioners voted unanimously to request a continuance. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler]

New Business

Mr. Price introduced the situation. Washington Leadership Academy (WLA), representative Miles Taylor, presented a summary of the school’s application to become a D.C. charter school.  The senior level of the school, 11th and 12th graders, would use Imani Temple as a dormitory, and the Page School classrooms on an upper floor of the Jefferson Library of Congress building as its education center.  The curriculum would be centered on a civics theme, with speakers and instruction focused on Congress. Mr. Taylor stated there were not yet formal negotiations with Imani, as the school has not yet been given charter status.  The WLA has successful schools established in New York and New Jersey.  It is a college preparatory, professional, academic school with rigorous advanced placement courses.  Students are selected by lottery.

A number of citizens testified in opposition to the school at this location (Imani):  Chris Blanchard, Jay Adelson, Derek Shaffer, Caroline Crenshaw, Rita Carlton, Janet Quigley, Michelle Rivard, Michael Pizali, Beth Bacon, and Valerie Jablow.  Among their concerns were major impact on the community, incomplete documentation of the proposal,  inadequate parking and loading facilities, pedestrian safety around Stanton Park, shared use of the park with pre-K and K students from Peabody School closeby, and the other dormitory facilities already in the neighborhood (University of Georgia plus many new residents at the Medlink residential development).

Arguments in favor of the school came from Lea Prizy, a teacher, who supports the charter school process and is excited to see a charter high school option nearby, and Ms. Schiffman, who stated for every person present opposed, there were people in support of the application in her neighborhood.

The commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter to the Public School Charter Board stating that if the charter is approved, and the location is to be in ANC 6C, that the school would work with the ANC to determine the best location and operations, and that Imani not be considered as a possible location. Mr. Goodman suggested his area for a future dormitory. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/ Kazmierczak]


The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 pm.