November 2013

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ANC 6C Minutes
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.


A quorum of six out of six commissioners was present (Mr. Eckenwiler, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Kazmierczak, Mr. Price, Ms. Schiffman, and Ms. Wirt)

 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Eckenwiler.


The October minutes were approved with the usual caveat that commissioners will have one week to submit corrections before they are posted on the ANC website.  Motion: Mr. Kazmierczak/Mr. Goodman.

Treasurer’s Report 

Mr. Price presented the treasurer’s report for the month of October as follows.   The beginning balance was $45,350.31. Receipts included a D.C. quarterly allotment of $3,337.28 and a Bank of America interest payment of $0.39.  No checks were written during the month.  The closing balance was $48,687.98.  The treasurer’s report was approved without objection.  Motion:  Mr. Price/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Brief Community Announcements

  1. Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, March 15—Diane Thomas.  Ms. Thomas described the route and timing, with 30,000 runners expected to participate.  Mr. Eckenwiler moved that the item be tabled until December when it could be addressed by the ANC 6C Transportation/Public Space Committee.  Mr. Goodman commended the route planning for including the NoMa area. Motion to table: Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Schiffman.
  2. Candidate for Mayor, Muriel Bowser—Matt Santoro.  Mr. Santoro described the candidate’s platform.
  3. Candidate for Ward 6 Council Member—Charles Allen.  Mr. Allen described his platform.
  4. Commissioner announcements included updates from Mr. Price’s SMD including hospital renovation, plans for a University of Georgia dormitory housing 35 students with restrictions, the opening of the NE Library, Peabody School contractor parking, and postponement of Maryland Avenue pedestrian safety improvements.  Mr. Goodman announced plans for a Landmark movie theater at First and N Streets N.E. to be built by JBG in 2016.  Mr. Eckenwiler addressed streetscape improvements to the 700 block of Third Street N.E. as part of the amenities package offered by Fischer Brothers for their project at 2ndand 3rd and H Streets N.E.  He also mentioned headwires installation for the H Street streetcars.

Transportation/Public Space Committee (Mr. McCann, citizen chair)

  1. Heritage Foundation, application for retaining wall, curb cut, removal of tree—Harold Bingham.  Mr. Bingham described the project, which had previously been approved by ANC 6C.  This application is to build a retaining wall on the Third Street side, move a curb cut further to the south to allow adequate sight lines for the underground parking garage, and remove/replace a tree in the area.   The commissioners voted unanimously to approve.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Kazmierczak.
  2. Capital Bikeshare, request for additional stations—Mr. McCann.  Mr. McCann stated the committee recommended three additional Bikeshare stations in ANC 6C areas that are not now well provided with bicycles:  First and K Streets N.E., Fifth or Sixth and K Streets N.E., and Seventh and Constitution.  The last location is near a future dormitory where students will not be allowed to bring vehicles and thus will need bicycle transportation.  The commissioners voted to support the recommendation with a letter to Terry Bellamy and copy to Kim Lucas of DDOT.  Motion:Mr. Price/Mr. Goodman.
  3. Uline Arena, Congress Street signage and striping—Agourline Grove. Comm. Goodman opened the discussion by describing Congress Street as the major loading area for Uline Arena.  Ms. Grove outlined plans for 24/7 loading, including blinking signs, audible warnings, limited parking on the west side, and road striping to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety when trucks are in the loading area.  Mr. Goodman asked for a parking meter for the single parking space on the block of Congress Street used for loading. The commissioners voted to approve the project without objection. Motion:Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Mr. Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. 720 East Capitol, concept approval for rear addition, HPA 13-624, hearing November 21.  Mr. Eckenwiler described the committee recommendation to oppose the application because of numerous deficiencies in the submitted drawings, including errors and omissions, failure to clearly indicate existing versus proposed structure, visibility of the proposed roof deck from 8thStreet, and citizen objection to the impact of the excavation as well as the esthetic impact of the dogleg infill.  The commissioners voted unanimously to oppose.   Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Kazmierczak.
  2. 325 Maryland Avenue N.E., use variance to convert a one-family dwelling to office usage in the CAP/R-4 district, BZA 18673, hearing December 10.  Citizens in attendance presented a petition with more than 50 signatures of neighbors opposed to commercial use in a primarily residential neighborhood.  The applicant produced more than 20 letters of support from neighbors.  After some discussion, including Mr. Eckenwiler’s statement that he failed to see evidence of economic hardship, which is the burden of proof of a request for a variance, the commissioners voted unanimously to oppose the application.  Motion:Mr. Eckenwiler/Mr. Goodman.
  3. 340 Florida Avenue N.E. (Gateway Market Center), modification to a PUD and request for extension of time, ZC 06-40C, hearing December 5. Modification includes increasing retail and residential space, eliminating the office component, increasing below-grade parking, reducing the height, and allocating 20 percent of the residential space to affordable housing.  Mr. Goodman asked for amenities including facing benches in public space, exterior bike racks, and improvement of walking area to Metro and around Union Market. The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the project with amenities as requested.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.  The commissioners also voted unanimously to grant a two-year extension.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.
  4. Accessory building dwelling units, continuation of proposed zoning changes.  Mr. Eckenwiler summarized current R-4 zoning regulations, which support a property having two dwelling units, but both must be within the main dwelling.  The proposed changes were summarized as building must have existed on January 1, 2013;  no addition or expansion of the accessory building; permanent access to a public right of way, such as an alley; and no other simultaneous use except for private parking.  The committee proposed that construction of a new accessory building for residential use, or expansion of an existing structure should be by special exception, using criteria currently applicable to 70 percent lot occupancy requests such as impact on light, air, and privacy of neighbors.  The committee also asked for clarification of Section 801.4(b). The commissioners voted unanimously to support the committee’s recommendations.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Wirt.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee

  1. The commissioners agreed that following renewal applications were acceptable and therefore no action was needed:  Columbus Club, 50 Massachusetts Ave. N.E.; Center Café, 50 Massachusetts Ave. N.E.; Boundary Road, 414 H Street N.E.; Big Board, 421 H Street N.E.; Tynan Coffee & Tea, 1275 First Street N.E.; and Hamilton’s Bar and Grill, 232 Second Street N.E.
  2. The commissioners voted unanimously to protest the renewal of the 201 Bar at 201 D Street N.E. on the basis of disturbance to the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood.  Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler.  As part of the vote, Ms. Wirt was delegated to represent ANC 6C in all matters pertaining to the protest, with citizen Richard Fiesta as a second/alternate.
  3. The commissioners voted unanimously to protest the renewal of Ibiza, a nightclub at 1222 First Street N.E. on the basis of disturbance to the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood and also hindrance to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.  There was a unanimous vote to approve up to $2,000 for legal counsel in support of the ANC 6C position.  Motion: Mr. Goodman/Ms. Wirt.  There was a unanimous vote to delegate Mr. Goodman to represent ANC 6C in all matters pertaining to the protest, with citizen Drew Courtney as a second/alternate.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Mr. Eckenwiler.

Other Business

A question from the audience asked why 360 H Street received RPP residential parking.  Mr. Kazmierczak responded that he is working on the matter.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.