March 2013

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ANC 6C Minutes

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Avenue NE

Present:  Commissioners Eckenwiler, Goodman, Kazmierczak, Price, Schiffman, and Wirt

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

A quorum of six out of six commissioners was present.

The agenda was approved unanimously.

The February 2013 minutes were approved unanimously with the caveat that any corrections could be                        submitted within one week of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Price gave the treasurer’s report.

  1. The quarterly report covering October through December 2012 began the quarter with $84,029.74.  There was $9,910.92 in receipts (allotments).  Disbursements were $93,940.21, including  theD.C. sweep of ANC 6C funds of $85,932.87, ending the quarter with a balance of $.45.  Disbursements included three payments for transcriptions of meeting minutes and two grants, one each for Cluster School football equipment and an H Street community event.  Income included three deposits by the DC government and three interest payments by the bank.

Motion:   Mr. Price moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to approve the quarterly report as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.

  1. The February report with the status of the checking account was earlier distributed to the commissioners in a new format.  The first tab, “ledger” was distributed in the form of an Excel spreadsheet provided by the DC Auditor for the quarterly reports.  Rows 5 through 19 displaythe base for the quarterly report described above.  Rows 23-28 display the February report.  No checks were written in February because of lack of funds in the account following the DC sweep of  funds.  Rows 32-37 display commitments made by ANC 6C at previous meetings for which the treasurer will write checks tonight:  Check # 1263, $216, for a Hill Rag ad for Spring 2012; check # 1264, $1,410,for a Hill Rag ad for monthly placement during 2013; check # 1265, $160, for ANC 6C post box rental January through June 2013; check # 1266, $25.00, for reimbursement to Ms. Wirt for the ANC 6C annual security fund; check # 1267, for $65 for one set of ANC business cards (for Mr. Kazmierczak), reimbursement to Ms. Wirt (one of six sets approved at the January meeting for a total of $390, or $65 X 6), and check # 1268, $386 for transcription of January minutes to Roberta Weiner.  Motion:  Mr. Price moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to approve the expenses of the February report.  The motion passed unanimously.
  1. Two new expenses were approved:  payment of $167.50 for transcription of February minutes to Roberta Weiner (check # 1269) and a $30.00 additional expense for the ANC business cards for Mr. Eckenwilerto enable him to have an SMD map printed on the reverse side.  Motion:    Mr. Price moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to approved the expenses.  The motion passed unanimously.

Brief Community Announcements 

  1. Avon Walk, May 4-5, 2013, presenter Ava Cologne.  This is a 39-mile, two-day walk on the sidewalks, crossing at signals, and no road closures.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Ms. Wirt seconded the motion to support the race.  The motion passed without objection.
  2. Stop the Silence 8K race, April 14, presenter Jeff Ruday.   Route and site plan show the start and stop at Freedom Plaza with passage into ANC 6C up Louisiana Avenue, around Union Station, and back to the Mall.  Motion:  Ms. Wirt moved/Mr. Eckenwilerseconded a motion to support the race.  The motion passed without objection.
  3. Family Matters, mental health services, presenter Ricky Parker.  No show.
  4. MedStarFamily Choice, DC Medicaid and Medicare, presenter Ricky Parker.  No show.
  5. Maryland Avenue update, Mr. Price.  There will be a meeting on March 18 at Sherwood Recreation Center at 7 pm to discuss the redesign of Maryland Avenue.  The change will have significant impact on residents for ½ mile around Maryland Avenue.
  6. NE Library update, Mr. Price.  Commissioners were given one dayadvance notice to a DCPL meeting about proposed behavior guidelines.  Mr. Price is working with Friends of the Library in ANC 6C and will share results at the April ANC 6C meeting.
  7. NoMa parks, Mr. Gloodman.  Nomalacks park space, playground equipment, playing fields.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to send a letter to the Mayor requesting funding support.  The motion passed unanimously.
  8. First Street rebuilding, Mr. Goodman.  Major reconstruction of First Street, discussed at previous meetings will begin.  Rebuilding is scheduled for K to New York Avenue, resurfacing K to Massachusetts Avenue.  First Street will be one waysouth.  The project schedule has been reduced from two years to ten months.
  9. Streetcar construction, Mr. Eckenwiler.  March 26 begins the western end turnaround construction near Third and H Streets.  This will cause major traffic disruptions.  A station stop has been added at Third Street.

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Committee (Tony Richardson, chair)

  1. Oasis Liquors, 1179 Third Street NE, request for extension of hours, 10 am to 10 pm Sundays.  Mr. Choi is available if questions arise. ABRA decided to allow extended hours on December 18, 2012.  Oasis has no violations, has been a good neighbor, despite some opposition last year to renewal.  Flyers have been distributed to the community regarding the hours.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Kazmierczakseconded a motion to support the extension of hours.  The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Capitol Fine Wines, 415 H Street NE, request for extension of hours 9am to 12 midnightevery day.  The establishment has no violations and has been a good neighbor.  The owner has agreed to change the façade at community request.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to support the extension of hours.  The motion passed unanimously.

Planning,  Zoning, and Environment Committee (Mark Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. Heritage Foundation, BZA # 18531, 208, 214, 236 Massachusetts Avenue and 426-430 Third Street NE, Eric Korsvalland Harold Bingham representing the applicant.  Mr. Goodman raised questions about the air tower and air quality venting from the proposed underground garage and the position of the air tower.  The applicant responded that it would meet or exceed standards.  Mr. Goodman asked to see the documentation.  Motion:  Ms. Wirt moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to postpone a decision on the project until the April 10 next ANC 6C meeting to allow the ANC time to review the DDOT formal traffic impact study.  The motion passed unanimously. The timeline is as follows:  The DDOT study must be submitted by April 2.  The BZA hearing April 9; the  ANC meeting is April 10.  Ms. Wirt will appear at the April 9 hearing and request the record be kept open for ANC 6C to weigh in by April 15.
  2. Square 749, Lot 67, block bounded by Second, Third, K, and L Streets NE, ZC # 05-36, Dennis Hughes representing the applicant.  The applicant requests a modification to allow the project to be constructed and occupied as two separate buildings rather than as  connectedbuildings due to a dispute between the owners of phase one and phase two buildings.  The change would have no effect on the outward appearance of other features of the PUD.  Motion:  Mr Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to support the modification.  The motion passed without objection.  A question was raised from the audience about the height of phase two.  The answer was the height is unchanged, not to exceed 130 ft.
  3. 513 C Street NE, HPA 13-16, concept review for new construction on a theater to construct two row houses, presenter Carmel  Greer.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwilermoved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to support the application with the caveats that HPA give attention to the roof setbacks and sightlines.  The applicant representative stated she is happy to work with HPO staff

on these features.  The motion passed unanimously.

  1. 608 Constitution Avenue NE, HPA # 13-204, alteration to rear façade of existing row house, presenter/owner, Valerie Baldwin.  The applicant indicated some features were not depicted on the drawings:  a rear canopy, now abandoned, and the profile of the rear elevation’s windows.  The downspout caused some concern as it was projecting outside the property line and needed further thought.  Motion:  Mr. Eckenwiler moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to support the modifications conditioned on the filing of drawings to reflect the modifications discussed.  The motion passed unanimously.

Transportation/Public Space Committee (Joe McCann, chair)

  1. ANC 6C subcommittee parking study, presenter, Joe McCann.  The ANC discussed various aspects of the draft study, including the basic principles to support public safety and use of public transit.  Although views on residential parking permits (RPP) were discussed, it was decided that the commission would focus on the visitor parking permits (VPP) portion of the draft, as the DDOT timeline called for that portion to be addressed earlier than RPP in its spring schedule.  The commissioners generally praised the subcommittee for taking the initiative to develop the study and for the hours they had spent developing the guidelines.  Among the points made during the discussion were the following:  residents could be able to purchase days of parking passes, limits per vehicle; there might or might not be graduated fees or a hard cap on vehicles to encourage shorter parking durations;  VPPsshould be issued only to persons, not corporations; DDOT should control the VPP, not MPD;  DDOT should ensure signage is comprehensible and consistent; and  there should be a balancing of interests, i.e., VPP could be issued to persons with drivers licenses or pedestrian IDs.  Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to send a letter to DDOT (including Mr. Angelo Rao) expressing ANC 6C views on VPP.  The motion passed unanimously.  It was stated that ANC 6C would take up the RPP portion of the study at the April meeting.  Ms. Wirt volunteered to summarize the discussion on VPP  and send a draft to the commissioners for review before submitting it to DDOT.
  2. Update on request for traffic restrictions at Second and K Street NE, Tony Goodman commenting.  Mr. Goodman reported that MPD canonly arrest when a prostitution transaction occurs.  Neighbors are concerned.  Commander Hickson suggested traffic modifications, such as no right turns on K Street between specified streets, limiting parking on Parker Street to local residents only, making fewer spots available for temporary parking.  Motion: Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to send a letter to DDOT putting these traffic restrictions in place, to be revisited periodically, such as every six months.  The motion passed unanimously.

Grants Committee (Mark Kazmierzak, chair)

Mr. Kzmierzak discussed the formation of this committee, for which he had asked commissioners to nominate prospective committee members.  The following members were nominated: from ANC 6C01 (Ms. Schiffman’s SMD), Michele M. Rivard, at-large member, and Katie Baptiste; from ANC 6C03 (Mr. Price’s SMD), Laura Marks;  from ANC 6C05 (Mr. Kazmierczak’s SMD), Morris Barren, at-large member; and from ANC 6C06 (Mr. Goodman’s SMD), Trista Etzig and Sonte DuCote, at-large member.  Motion:  Mr. Kazmierczak moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to approve the slate of members for the ANC 6C Grants Committee.  The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.