June 2013

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ANC 6C Minutes
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.

A quorum of five out of six commissioners was present.

The agenda was approved unanimously.  [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/MrEckenwiler].

The May 2013 minutes were approved unanimously with the caveat that any corrections could be submitted within one week of the meeting.  [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Goodman].

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Wirt presented the treasurer’s report. The opening balance was $41,221.79  Two checks were written as approved in the May treasurer’s report:  check # 1271, $160.00 to Ms. Wirt for reimbursement of  payment for printing ANC business cards (for Ms. Schiffman, Mr. Price, Mr. Goodman, and Ms. Wirt); and check # 1272, $10.00 to Mr. Price for stamps.  There were two deposits:  $3,337.28, the D.C. allotment to ANC 6C for the fourth quarter of 2012; and $0.36 interest paid by the bank. The ending balance was $44,289.43.  The treasurer’s report and the expenses within were approved unanimously. [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Kazmierczak].

Recurring expense: $162, annual payment for web hosting of the ANC 6C website, paid by Ms. Wirt, was submitted for approval.  The expense was approved unanimously. [Motion:  Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler].

Brief Community Announcements

  1. Family Matters & MedStarbehavioral health services, Xion Lester (No show).
  1. Specialty Hospital, Calvin Smith.  Mr. Smith summarized the hospital’s services, including its care as a rehab provider for patients in the stage between hospital and home.  He said he willreturn periodically to offer updates.
  1. School Within School art exhibit, David Stevenson  Theschool, located at 215 G Street NE, will receive equipment for a playground at Sherwood Recreation Center  from the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation.  As a result, the kindergarten class designed and built projects to create their dream playgrounds.  The projects are on display in an art exhibit June 13, 12:30-2:30 pm.
  1. Additional announcements:  Mr. Kazmierczakannounced a joint ANC 6A-ANC 6C meeting on June 17 to discuss creation of bike paths to avoid bicycle accidents on H Street.  The meeting is at Sherwood Recreation Center beginning at 7 pm.  Ms. Wirt announced a DC Streetcar Community Information Fair on June  27 at Atlas Theater, 1333 H Street NE to present a summer update to the H Street streetcar plans.

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Committee (Tony Richardson, chair)

  1. New member of the committee—Mr. Goodman stated that his SMD representative on this committee, Fred Irby, has moved and he has nominated LinaRobson to serve in his place.   Ms. Robson is a long-time resident.
  2. Le Pain Quotidien, class D new license application—Steve O’Brien described this new restaurant opening at 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE in Union Station.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the application [Motion:Mr. Eckenwiler/Ms. Wirt].
  3. West Wing Café, application for renewal—Ms. Wirt, in whose SMD this establishment is located, stated that there are no problems with this license and no residents nearby, as it is located in a hotel district on New Jersey Avenue N.W.
  4. TruOrleans protest hearing—Mr. Kazmierczak reported he had attended the first ABRA hearing as the ANC 6C representative.  There was another violation of the voluntary agreement by the applicant last week.  Mediation is scheduled to begin July 12, with a status hearing July 24 and a protest hearing September 18.  He asked that the ANC allocate up to $5,000 to hire an attorney if needed to support the protest.  The motion was approved unanimously. [Motion: Mr. Kazmierczak/Mr.Eckenwiler].  Mr. Richardson stated 6C had hired an attorney similarly in the past and the applicant signed a voluntary agreement before the protest hearing.  Preparation by the attorney for that case was about $1,300.
  5. Union Kitchen, 1100 Third Street NE, new license—The applicants described the business as an open-air “food incubator” for food trucks in a parking lot leased from Douglas Development.  There would be acoustic and live music.  The applicants would clean up each day, provide a contract for portapotties, as well as valet parking, and  bike racks. Hours would likely be to 10 pm weekdays and 11 pm weeknights.  One resident, Shaleen Belton, spoke in favor of the license.  The commissioners voted to protest  the license on the basis of disruption to peace, order, and quiet, with the goal of  creating a voluntary agreement with the applicants to control noise and hours. Mr. Eckenwiler mentioned that ABRA and DCRA now have sound measurement equipment that can be called when needed. ANC representatives in the protest proceedings are Mr. Goodman and citizen Andrew Courtney, with Mr. Richardson as an alternate.  The motion was approved unanimously. [Motion:  Mr. Goodman/Ms. Wirt].

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Comm. Eckenwiler, chair)

  1. 331 L Streets NE, variances from lot occupancy, rear yard, and lot occupancy, and nonconforming structure requirements, second-story addition to existing row dwelling, BZA # 18580, haring July 9—Salome Tinker.  The footprint is unchanged, as this is a vertical expansion of the rear portion of the dwelling.  The applicant made good faith efforts to contact immediate neighbors by certified mail.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the project [Motion: Mr. Goodman/Ms. Schiffman].
  2. 14 Fifth Street NE, special exception and variances from lot occupancy and rear yard requirements, addition to rear of existing row dwelling, BZA # 18581, hearing July 9—John Coplen.  There was concern expressed about the covered walkway that connects the house to the rear structure.  It cannot be seen from the front of the residence, yet it sets a precedent in the historic district.  HPRB reviewed the design of the rear structure and the owner responded to HPRB feedback.  The vote was 3:0:2, to support the project, with Mr. Eckenwiler and Ms. Wirt abstaining. [Motion:  Ms. Schiffman/Mr. Goodman].
  3. Third and L Streets NE, modification to a PUD to include additional land for construction of a seven-story apartment house, ZC 05-36G, June 27 hearing—Dennis Hughes.  There was concern about the lack of parking in a neighborhood that already has streets packed with parked vehicles.  A resident, MozellaBoyd Johnson, protested the lack of parking and retail development in the building.  Roger Hicks shared the concern about no parking offered by this project.  Questions were raised about the possibility of parking in one of the other structures (Phase I or Phase II) of the PUD.  The commissioners voted unanimously to request the record be held open until after the 6C July 10 meeting to allow time for negotiating the parking with the applicant. [Motion: Ms. Wirt/Mr. Goodman].

Naomi Mitchell announced that Council Member Wells plans to introduce legislation to make no RPP available to new structures where street parking is limited and to make that requirement part of the sales/lease agreement.

Transportation and Public Space Committee (Joe McCann, chair)

No business this month.

Grants Committee (Com. Kazmierczak, chair)

New Business

  1. Resolution to support rebuilding Frager’sHardware.  Ms. Wirt introduced a resolution urging the mayor and D.C. Council to assist Frager’s with grants, loans, and expedited permitting to expedite rebuildling.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the resolution [Motion: Ms. Wirt/Mr. Eckenwiler].
  2. Because of the July 4 holiday, July meeting dates for the 6C committees have changed:

Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee—July 2

Transportation and Public Space Committee—July 8

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Committee—July 2

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.