January 2013

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue NE

Present: Commissioners: Eckenwiler, Goodman, Kazmierczak, Price, Schiffman and Wirt

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

A quorum of six out of six commissioners was present.

The agenda was approved unanimously.

The December minutes were not ready, so acceptance of the minutes was postponed to January.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Wirt gave the treasurer’s report.  The DC government has “swept” ANC 6C funds to redistribute

among the newly formed ANC 6E and the current 2C and 6C on the basis of population after

redistricting.  ANC 6C had $85,932 in its account before the funds were swept.  According to Gottlieb

Simon, ANC 6C will receive approximately $45,000, 39 percent of the population of the three ANCs; ANC

2C, $20,000, approximately 18 percent of the population; and ANC 6E, $51,000, approximately 43

percent of the population.

ANC 6C’s quarterly allotments will be approximately $3,300.

The following expenses were approved and funds can be expended once the money is restored to the

ANC 6C account: (1) commissioner business cards ($65 each set of 500 X 6 commissioners), $390; (2)

payment of Hill Rag ads, $216 for ad placed last spring (but not paid); $1,410 for ANC ads throughout

2013 announcing 6C committees and seeking citizens to serve on those committees; (3) ANC security

fund, $25, to be reimbursed to Ms. Wirt; (4) ANC post box rental renewal, six months, January – June,

$160, to be reimbursed to Ms. Wirt.

Election of Officers

The ANC elected officers for 2013 are

Chair:  Karen Wirt

Vice Chair: Daniele Schiffman

Secretary: Tony Goodman

Treasurer:  Scott Price

Committee chairs elected for 2013 are

Planning, Zoning and the Environment Committee: Mark Eckenwiler, chair; Ryan McGinness, vice chair

Public Space and Transportation: Joe McCann

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee:  Tony Richardson

Committee members appointed for 2013

SMD Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee Transportation and Public Space Committee Alcoholic Beverage Committee
6C01 Bobbi Krengel

Bill Sisolak

Brian Chamowitz
6C02 John Wirt
6C03 Dru Tallant Gary Barbour
6C04 Mark Eckenwiler*
6C05 Joel Kelty

Lauren McHale

Darpana Sheth
6C06 Ryan McGinness

Chris Mitchell

Yancy Burns

Joe McCann*

Fred Irby

Tony Richardson*

* Chair

Transportation and Public Space Committee

Committee Chair Joe McCann introduced Malia Salaam of DDOT’s dcstreetcar, which is overseeing completion of the H Street/Benning Road trolley line.

Update on H Street Trolley

Ms. Salaam presented a report on Phase 2 of the construction of the trolley, which began a month ago, and will lead to the final testing of the cars on the tracks by October of this year.  The final date depends on the resolution of historic preservation issues at Spingarn High School at Oklahoma Avenue, the eastern terminus of the line.   DDOT is working with HPRB to take a closer look at the car barn because it is a historic structure.

Ms. Salaam said DDOT is using a dedicated construction database that contains everything that has to happen in exact chronological and technical detail.  The construction schedule is available on the dcstreetcar.com website, where one can also sign up for construction updates. She said DDOT is working with people who were involved in installing the trolley system in Portland, OR, and other places.

According to Ms. Salaam, much of the work will be taking place at the east and west ends of the route where tracks still have to be laid and the median on the Hopscotch Bridge  removed and new sidewalks installed, as well as utilities relocated, and  stop platforms like those on H Street.  In March they will begin the relocation of utilities and the laying of tracks at each end of the line.

Another major project that will cause some disruption is the installation of new light poles that will carry the trolley wires as well as the street lights. Twice as heavy as the current poles, they will need new foundations that can carry the additional weight.  The replacement of the light poles is a six month project, each pole taking two days.  They would like to get in and out as quickly as possible, but there may have to be some full block closures for the installation of wire across H Street, but the work will be done nights and Saturdays.

Also to be completed, according to Ms. Salaam, is the transformer station to be installed near the corner of 12th and H Streets NE, which will be about one-third the size of the restaurant space next door on the corner and less than one story high.

There will no revenue produced until after the testing is completed sometime in 2014, but the dates are not yet locked in, as they have to wait until all the necessary authorizations have been obtained.

There will be five cars, which will run on a ten minute headway on a schedule comparable to WMATA’s. There will be a community meeting to discuss the construction and other outstanding issues within the next few months.

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee

Murry’s Site- H Street between 6th and 7th Street NE

This project is a mixed residential and retail development on the site or Murry’s Market and the Public Storage facility.  The owner, Insight Properties, already owns the Murry’s site which is Phase 1, and is in contract negotiations with the Public Storage owner, which is Phase 2.  Trent Smith, of Insight, is hopeful of doing the two phases simultaneously, depending on the leases of the existing tenants. Different aspects of the project were considered by both the ANC 6C Transportation and Public Space Committee and the 6C Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee.  Trent Smith of Insight is seeking approval of a PUD for the building, and a letter of support to the City Council and the Office of the Surveyor for a private alley and a curb cut to facilitate entry to two levels of below-grade parking separate from traffic in the alley on 6th Street.  The two committees presented those requests jointly.

It will be a Green alley with pervious pavers and no trucks allowed.  To mitigate traffic concerns, they are requesting a curb cut to provide entry to two levels of below ground parking-440 spaces.  They have also agreed to permit Sunday morning parking as an amenity. There will be no parking permits issued to the residents.  Other existing curb cuts will be eliminated, creating additional street parking spaces.

Mr. Smith said that Murry’s has had daily truck deliveries for many years and there had been

no complaints. He said there would be about 200 trucks annually, no more certainly than one a day.

Mr. McCann reported that the Transportation and Public Space Committee had approved the request for support unanimously.

Mr. Smith presented plans for the building, which will be glass and brick with a central neutral panel separating the two halve’s if the building, which will have 450 units. The committee voted to approve the request for support for the PUD.

Mr. Smith reiterated that he has had many meetings with stakeholders including neighbors, the ANC, representatives of city agencies and Councilmember Wells’ office. Mr. Smith said he is attempting to work with the Bradley family in the house closest to the alley and with Amy Brooks who holds the rental lease, to mitigate their concerns.  However, Mr. Bradley was the only neighbor present who spoke against the project, focusing  on parking, heavy trucks and an insupportable increase in traffic that the alley and development will cause.  Several other neighbors were concerned about the increase of traffic on I Street, but most spoke in favor of the project.

Motion: Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Eckenwiler seconded a motion to recommend that the full ANC approve its recommendation that the District approve Insight Property Companies proposal to alter the existing alley on 6th Street NE, consistent with the plans as presented. Trucks will enter and exit onto 6th Street.  In addition, a letter will be sent to DDOT to support.  DDOT approved a curb cut that will provide access to the below grade garage, thereby helping to mitigate potential traffic and insulate neighbors from traffic entering and leaving the garage.  The motion passed 6-0, unanimously.

Motion: Mr. Eckenwiler moved/Mr. Goodman seconded a motion to support Insight Development Group’s application for a PUD for the site on H Street NE currently occupied by Murry’s and Public Storage.  The motion passed 6-0, unanimously.

Parking Study

Mr. McCann announced that his committee is working on a report on its study of parking in ANC 6C, focusing on residential parking passes, performance parking, visitors’ passes and the many other initiatives in order to make some sense out of a confusing situation.  He said it should be ready for the next month’s meeting.

Additional Business

The Grants Committee, the Alcoholic Beverage Committee, and the Youth and  Education Committee will be discussed at a future meeting.

The next meeting of ANC 6C will be on February 13, at  7 PM at the Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave, NE.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.