August 2013

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Special Meeting
Kaiser Permanente Building
700 Second Street N.E.

Present: Commissioners Goodman, Kazmierczak, Price, Schiffman, and Wirt

The meeting was convened at 7:02 PM.

  1. Agenda

Motion:  Mr. Goodman moved/Ms. Wirt seconded a motion to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion passed without objection.

  1. Minutes

As this is a special meeting, the July meeting minutes were tabled until September, the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

  1. Brief Community Announcements

Mr. Goodman announced that he has nominated a new citizen member of the ANC 6C Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee from his SMD:  Barbara Talisman, who has agreed to lead the effort addressing Ibiza.

Mr. Tony Richardson, citizen chair of the ANC 6C Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee, announced that the second mediation meeting appears to be going to a hearing.  ABRA appears to be leaning toward granting relief to TruOrleans, 400 H Street NE;  ANC 6C seeks no relief, but seeks to retain the existing voluntary agreement.  He presented a letter to an attorney to represent ANC 6C in the hearing and asked for a $3,500 retainer fee to be sent to the attorney.  The expense was previously approved at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ANC 6C in July 2013.  Mr. Goodman moved to approve the retainer letter and fee/Ms. Wirt seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

  1. INDIGO—Indian Food on the Go!, request for stipulated license and an ABRA CR license, application # 92792

This is a new restaurant serving Indian Food.  Applicant Dinesh Tandon described his plans.  Occupancy load is 60.  The sidewalk café has 65 seats.  There will be live entertainment.  The stipulated license request must be accompanied by a voluntary agreement with the community, and the applicant has agreed to negotiate a voluntary agreement.  The commissioners voted unanimously to support the stipulated request and the application.

  1. TD Burger—request for a stipulated license and an ABRA license, application # 92242

This is a new restaurant serving hamburgers and American food.  Occupancy load is 130.  Summer garden seating is 50.  There is live entertainment.  Applicant Timothy Dean described his plans.  The SMD commissioner received 8 emails from community members supporting the restaurant.  The owner plans a “soft” opening with dinner only for the first 10 days or so, then adding lunch and carryout.  His focus is on service and training young people to provide good service. Opening is planned for August 19.  Mr. Goodman moved/Ms. Wirt seconded a motion to support both the stipulated request and the ABRA license.  The vote was unanimous.

  1. Presentation by KIPPfor Hamilton School (Non-voting item)

KIPP, a charter school operator, is bidding to convert the former Hamilton School at 1401 Brentwood Parkway NE into a high school.  This would potentially include changes to the adjacent baseball field, playgrounds, and basketball courts.  The KIPP representative, Lindsay Snow, presented the plans for the school, relocating a former Ward 8 high school into the new location, increasing student enrollment from 450 to 800, engaging the community in use of the green space, including possible gardens, and dog parks.  Sidewalks on both sides of the street facing the school would be explored.

The D.C. Bike Polo Club representative, (Elias ___) made a presentation asking to have continued use of the tennis court for this co-ed athletic group.  It has clubs in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and 125 clubs nation-wide.  He stated that his group had taken on a custodial role during the absence of a school, cleaning up the courts.  They play Mondays and Thursdays, with an occasional Sunday. They would like to continue their use of the courts for bike polo.  KIPP indicated they would work with the community on use of their facilities after school hours.

  1. The Coleseum/UlineArenapublic space application # 83107

Kyrus Freeman and Andrea Gourdine discussed plans to change parking, loading, and traffic patterns on Congress Street NE to accommodate existing businesses and forthcoming redevelopment of the Uline arena.  Congress Street is off L Street between Second and Third Streets and deadends at Uline.  The requested curb cut is to allow vehicles to enter the garage.  The plan is to have parking and loading on the west side of Congress and two-way traffic on the east.  Trucks do not enter at Congress; rather, their entrance is at Delaware Street.  Mr. Goodman moved/Mr. Kazmierczak seconded the motion to support the public space application, with a curb cut at Congress Street and none at Third and M Streets NE.  The vote was unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.