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Are ANC 6C committee meetings open to the public?

All meetings of ANC 6C and its standing committees are open to the public.

What information and material do I need to bring with me when my application or matter of concern is considered by ANC 6C?

ANC 6C generally relies on its committees to review and make recommendations on applications and matters of concern considered by the Commission.  Applicants and community members should contact their ANC 6C commissioner or the chair of the relevant committee in advance of a committee meeting to discuss the schedule and procedures by which an application or matter of concern will be considered.

May I brief ANC 6C committees prior to my application being finalized?

ANC 6C committees generally welcome advance notice of applications and work with applicants to facilitate scheduling of ANC 6C consideration.

If an ANC 6C committee votes to recommend that ANC 6C support my project or matter of concern, should I attend the ANC 6C commission meeting?

Attendance at the full committee meeting is strongly advised unless the application will be handled on the ANC 6C consent calendar.  At ANC 6C meetings, committee chairs report on actions taken at committee meetings.  After the committee chair reports to ANC 6C about the recommendation of the committee with respect to a particular application or matter of concern, commissioners often invite the applicant and members of the community to make comments and answer questions from commissioners.  Applicants generally will be given an opportunity to respond briefly to commissioner and community comments.