Committee Members

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Alcoholic Beverage License Committee

  • Chair, Steve O’Neal (At-Large)
  • Charles McMillion, 6C02
  • Emily Beline, 6C04
  • Sally Donner, 6C05
  • Jason Starr, 6C06
  • Kim Neutzling (At-Large)

Grants Committee

  • Chair, Victoria Lord, 6C04
  • Jennifer Newton, 6C01
  • Nancy Erickson, 6C03
  • Sonte DuCote, 6C05
  • Gina Geffrard, 6C06
  • Dan Griggs (At-Large)
  • Jason Starr (At-Large)

Parks and Events Committee

  • Chair, Phil Tahtakran (At-Large)
  • Vira Sisolak, 6C01
  • Luz Dejesus, 6C03
  • Erik Heilman, 6C05
  • Joe McCann, 6C06
  • Caitlin LaRocco (At-Large)
  • Brianna Battle (At-Large)

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee

  • Chair, Mark Eckenwiler, 6C04
  • Vice Chair, Ryan McGinness (At-Large)
  • Bobbi Krengel, 6C01
  • Dru Tallant, 6C03
  • Joel Kelty, 6C05
  • Chris Mitchell, 6C06
  • Bill Sisolak (At-Large)
  • Lauren McHale (At-Large)

Transportation and Public Space Committee

  • Chair, Mark Kazmierczak (At-Large)
  • John Wirt, 6C02
  • Kate Kamerer, 6C03
  • Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler, 6C04
  • Emily Diamond-Falk, 6C05
  • Christy Kwan, 6C06
  • Josh Linden (At-Large)